Expats in Amsterdam!

Internationals climbing trees together.

Expats from everywhere who live in Amsterdam can go on a new Adventure. In Westerpark and Amstelpark and Rembrandtpark there are great trees with fabulous views. Once you get off the ground.
Get together with a bunch of people and book a workshop just for you.

We provide all gear and take you to on a new and exciting trip. After a short introduction to the techniques that bird-watchers, biologists and arborists use, we will get you up and climbing in no time. Our trained instructors will look after you, while you go climb trees together.

What is treeclimbing……

Be-ing-the-tree, tree-ology, Safe free climbing, Feel like an apple or an acron, Meet-the-birds, Branch out, Tree-experience, Oudoor-intree, Meet other monkey people, Tune in turn on hang out.


  • Private workshop: € 300,- pp

  • Group of 2: € 175,- pp

  • Group of 3: € 150,- pp

  • Group of 4: € 125,- pp

Treeclimbing has a lot to offer. And lots of ‘opposites’.

Exciting and relaxing
Physical and psychological
Technical and sensitive
Individual and sharing
Disciplined and free-flowing
Preparation and execution
Real and magical
and the list goes on and on and on…….

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Recreational Treeclimbing Courses

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What did other people say?

Being in the crown of a tree was something I had never seen before, awesome!


So relaxing to sit in a harness suspended off the ground swinging around. A whole new world opened up to me, exciting!


I thought I had seen it all, but climbing in a living tree was so new and inspiring, I’m hooked now!